LNT Survey Results

LNT survey.xls - an excel file with the results of the survey prepared by Andy Karam.

Below are the raw data:

replies.txt - here are all form replies, including the comment field.

enclog.txt - this is the log of all submissions. Each IP address from which a submission was made is uniquely substituted by a corresponding (sequential) number. So when you see that say, no. 1 has posted a lot of times, that's me while testing (my submissions were not counted by Andy nor are they included in the replies.txt file - Dimiter).

logenc.txt- this is the tiny DPS script which I wrote to encode the identifiable IP addresses into corresponding unique numbers (by sequence of first submission per IP).

The above data are updated manually so if you vote don't expect to see immediately your submission logged and counted.

The survey was authored by Andy Karam, paksbi@rit.edu .

It was hosted by Transgalactic Instruments (TGI). www.tgi-sci.com